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The bottom line to any sports wagering is wholly dependent on the amount of money leveraged on the point spreads.

The winners Qoxhi Picks delivers are subservient to how those selections are wagered.

Few business activities are wrought with more enticements to lure clients to veer off proven practices than sports wagering. When the games are wagered more for entertainment than business, favorite teams or primetime games can have as much of an effect on the bottom line as the solid selections delivered by Qoxhi Picks.

Now in our 41st year of operation, since 2001 Qoxhi has offered an easy-to-use online Account Manager. This investment tool prompts clients on exact wager amounts to stay within the guidelines based on their declared opening account balance and selected money management strategy.

A typical NFL season will generate a bottom-line profit margin between 30 to 60 percent while utilizing the Basic money management strategy. Five other strategies offer higher risk versus return ratios with emphasis on the weekly Top Pick or utilizing three bets on each selection including the first quarter, first half and final score with the Triple Play strategy.

Here are the results for each money management strategy for the 2021 NFL season:
Top Pick Double
Top Pick Aggressive
Top Pick Exclusive
Triple Play

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