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Triple Play is a wagering method that dictates wagers on the first quarter, first half and final score. Every game is bet on equally, whether a 4 rated selection or 5 rated top pick, the Triple Play always dictates a 2% wager of an opening account balance on each of the three plays.

The origins of this method was taking into consideration that most of the Qoxhi selections are underdogs, some seemingly out classed by their opponent. There have been times in the past when one of our “motivational” plays were good enough to compete early and even lead at halftime, only to not be good enough to survive the full 60 minutes.

A perfect example of this was the Championship Game week in 2019. Our two plays that day were the Tennessee Titans plus seven points over the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers giving eight points against the Green Bay Packers. San Francisco took an early lead and never looked back while dominating Green Bay and winning all three wagers with a final score of 37-20.

In the American Football Conference Championship Game, the Titans got off to a good start at Arrowhead Stadium and led after both the first quarter and halftime. Then, the Kansas City strength asserted itself in the second half and Patrick Mahomes and company rolled to a point spread covering eleven point win, 35-24.

While our plays that Sunday were one win and one loss, the Triple Play method resulted in a 5-1 week. In our first year of releasing Triple Play wagers by season end the strategy had resulted in raising an opening account balance 35%. The following season, the Triple Play method garnered a winning campaign of 39%.

In 2019, the 35% profit margin was higher than the bottom lines generated by the five strategies available online, while the 39% gains in 2020 was significantly less than the Basic, Aggressive, Top Pick Double and Top Pick Aggressive methods generated that season. With those figures to work with, I considered that even though 6% of an opening account balance was wagered on a game using the Triple Play method and only 4% or 5% on most other plays, the three 2% wagers was a more conservative approach.

That theory was blown up in 2021. That year, the Basic strategy gained 41% over the season and all the other methods did better including the Top Pick Exclusive strategy returning a profit margin of 127%. But, that same year, the Triple Play style took a beating, losing 29% of an opening account balance over the course of the season.

Last year, the Triple Play strategy bounced back with its best year yet, raising an opening account balance 68%.

So, where does that leave us with the Triple Play strategy? Three wagers on every selection can certainly add interest to the games throughout the day. Winning years in three of the four seasons can generate trust the method will turn a profit. But, we note that every other strategy available on the Account Manager during the four years we have offered the Triple Play method have all shown profits every season, while the Triple Play strategy suffered that losing year in 2021.

Here are the 2023 results for each money management strategy available online after the Championship Games and headed to the Super Bowl:

Top Pick Double
Top Pick Aggressive
Top Pick Exclusive
Triple Play

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