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For the first 20 years I offered the Qoxhi Picks service to clients, I was perhaps missing the most important aspect of them making money while wagering on sports … money management. I naively thought that providing winning selections was enough to ensure clients generated bottom line profits. In fact, there was a much more influential aspect of the business dictating end of the season profit and loss statements … how much clients wagered on the selections.

Perhaps, we should substitute the word “clients” for the more common participants in the Qoxhi service, “Gamblers.”

The books love gamblers. This is the group that often risk more on games after a series of wins and pull back on wager amounts when their bets suffer a string of losses. Both those tendencies consistently erode bottom line margins. Wager amounts need to always be tied to the value of the elements of the upcoming game and require a discipline that adds consistency to the amount risked on any single contest.

In 2001, Qoxhi introduced the Account Manager online. No single tool in sports wagering is more important to shifting this activity from entertainment to business. With a simple click on the selected games the Account Manager shows the exact amount to be wagered in alignment with a client's declared opening account balance, selected money management strategy and past results.

The Account Manager is designed to weed out the common gambling tendencies that the books thrive on. It provides subscribers the opportunity to join an elite group of point spread players that actually earn bottom line profits over the course of an NFL season.

There are five different money management strategies offered on the Qoxhi Picks site. Every pick released by Qoxhi has a money management number. Most selections are rated “4”, which dictates a wager amount of four percent of either the opening account balance or current account balance plus the cost of the wager, the vig, which is commonly 10% of the wager amount.

The Basic strategy dictates all wager amounts in alignment with the opening account balance, while the aggressive styles of wagering base wager amounts on the current account balance. When the current balance is above the opening amount, the wagers increase accordingly.

In a typical season, the Basic strategy will generate a profit margin of between 30 and 60 percent, while higher gains can be realized with the four other methods that adjust the risk versus return ratios. A sixth wagering method, which calls for a wager on the first quarter, halftime score and final, is called Triple Play. It was introduced on the Qoxhi site four years ago, and after generating profit margins of 36% and 39% in its first two seasons, suffered a losing record in 2021 before rebounding with its best returns last season.

Here are the results for each money management strategy for the 2022 NFL season including the regular and postseason through the Super Bowl:
Top Pick Double
Top Pick Aggressive
Top Pick Exclusive
Triple Play

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Money rated selections posted two hours before kickoff