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Money Management

The only factor that governs how much money is won or lost during an NFL season is the actual wager amounts placed on the games. Qoxhi Picks offers both selections and methods to advance the game from gambling to investing.
With the ease of clicking on the games marked in green on your personal account manager, you will know exactly which games to wager on and how much. The wager amount is calculated based on your declared opening account balance, selected money management strategy, and the money management number that accompanies each Qoxhi selection.
Most games are rated “4”, with Top Picks most often rated “5” or “6”. Four times a year Qoxhi Picks releases Premium Top Picks, games that have money management numbers of 7, 8, 9 and Top Pick of the Year, 10 rated game. Money management numbers are the percentage of an account balance to be wagered, a four rated game dictating a 4% play plus the vig bet, a five rated game generating a 5% wager.
There are six money management strategies available on the Qoxhi site. Each strategy offers a unique degree of risk versus return ratios. The Basic Strategy is easiest to manage and promises the highest odds of season long bottom line profits. Wagers with the Basic Strategy are based solely on the opening account balance, which means a four rated game in December is going to generate the same amount as it would have in the opening weekend.
A second method, Aggressive, basis wager amounts on the current balance when higher than the opening amount. In other words, if an opening account balance of 10,000 was raised to $15,000, a 4% play would rise to $600 plus vig, four-percent of the current balance. All the calculations for exact wager amounts are generated by the personal account manager, and with this strategy one needs to wager unique amounts each week.
Top Pick Double and Top Pick Aggressive methods utilize the Basic and Aggressive features with an emphasis on the declared Top Pick of the Week. Top Pick Double is like Basic except for doubling up on the Top Pick, while Top Pick Aggressive both uses the current account balance and doubles-up on the Top Pick. Both strategies pay huge dividends in seasons that Top Picks win a dozen or more games and a winning first half of the season is followed by an even more successful second half of the campaign.
For the most discriminating and disciplined player, the Top Pick Exclusive method concentrates all bottom line results on the Top Pick of the Week. This method dictates a wager on both the point spread and moneyline result.
Triple Play is the most recent addition to the money management strategies. Triple Play dictates three wagers on each Qoxhi selection; first quarter, first half and final score. It wagers on all games equally, 6%, with a 2% wager on the first quarter, a 2% wager on the half time score, and a 2% wager on the final point spread result.
Few people that enjoy football on a Sunday are only going to bet on the games generated by my work. It is a given many want to enjoy more games with action on them than simply the list of plays offered by Qoxhi Picks. Have fun.
Yet, from an investment perspective, it is those people in it strictly for the money with no interest in the game itself, that find it easiest to maximum profits. They are not subject to the adrenaline boost from gambling or emotional bets, and stand to end the season with the highest bottom line earnings.
In a typical season, the Basic strategy will churn out profit margins between 30 and 60 percent. All the other strategies stand to gain more, a factor highly influenced by the success of the weekly Top Pick.
Whether the ease and safety of the Basic Strategy, or the quest for bigger gains from any of the other five methods, the most important factor is to have a financial strategy. Adhering to a bright money management plan throughout an NFL season is paramount to ending the campaign ahead. The account manager is the best weapon against emotional gambling tendencies, and flips football wagering from a losing proposition to a lucrative investment.

Money Management Strategies

Basic Strategy
The Basic strategy calls for the same amount of money to be wagered throughout the season in relation to the opening account balance and assigned money management number for each Qoxhi selection. If the opening account balance was $10,000, an opening day wager on a five-rated Top Pick would be $550. On the final day of the regular season a 5-rated game would have a wager amount of $550 no matter what the current balance. This strategy is recommended for most first year clients for the ease of operation which minimizes the chance of wagering errors.
The Aggressive method determines wager amounts in relationship to the current balance, backing rated selections with more money based on a higher account balance than opening amounts. This strategy takes advantage of a successful season while capitalizing on winnings within a framework that does not extend the risk versus return ratio.
Top Pick Aggressive
Huge returns in a season can be gained in campaigns when Top Picks hit at a higher than the expected 75% success rate while utilizing the Top Pick Aggressive game plan. This strategy calls for using the Percentage Play accelerator and doubling wagers on Top Picks. The success of the Top Picks is paramount for a successful season. The high risk is almost always rewarded; only three times in 38 seasons did Qoxhi Top Picks end with more losses than wins.
Top Pick Double
The Top Pick Double method dictates wager amounts just as the Basic Strategy but double up on the identified best play of the week, the Top Pick.
Top Pick Exclusive
Banking all money risked on the identified Top Pick of the Week is the perfect plan for the most discriminating point spread player. The Top Pick Exclusive money management style wagers on the Top Pick just as the Top Pick Double strategy, but also places a wager equal to 5% of the opening account balance on the moneyline. Most Qoxhi Top Picks are underdogs and therefore pay more than the 5% wagered on the moneyline, and when the Top Pick is a favorite the amount necessary to earn 5% of the opening account balance is leveraged.
Triple Play
The triple play method takes advantage of the motivational qualities of the Qoxhi Picks. Most selections are underdogs and all own a determined motivational edge which is most often enough to get the Qoxhi selections off to a good start, while sometimes a more talented opponent has the ability to come from behind and get a late win. The triple play strategy takes advantages of those quick starts with wagers on the first quarter and halftime scores. The plan calls for a 2% wager on the 1st quarter, 2% wager on the halftime score, and a 2% wager on the final score. Wager amounts are based on a client's declared opening account balance and all selections are wagered equally regardless of their money management number.
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