NFL 2020 Season - Week 1

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Wait and See
Whatever happens this fall is going to be unique. Either the National Football League is going to be able to play their season on schedule or have it delayed. A worse case scenario would be to have it cancelled. The factors leading into this season are offering as much intrigue as a close division race does in December.

Unique situations offer additional handicapping edges. In 1982, the National Football League missed two months of play while the players union and owners fought. Before the seven week layoff, Qoxhi delivered a pair of Top Pick winners. After the strike, Qoxhi completed a perfect regular season with seven straight point spread wins.

In 1987, the NFL players again struck two weeks into a season, but this time the owners had a plan. They fielded squads with players that had been cut by NFL teams. The result was a strike settled in four weeks, with the replacement players deciding a trio of games. The labor dispute shortened the 1987 season to 15 games, with Qoxhi delivering a 12-3 season mark

I have my doubts about when they will play football again, but when they do, we will be here ready to take advantage of the additional edges provided by this very unique season.
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