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Client Call
by Dennis Ranahan

A few years ago, I got a call from a prospective Qoxhi Picks client. He said he was prompted to call Qoxhi, he didn’t know how to pronounce it, because he had heard we were 16-4 the previous season. Winning 80% is very sweet, but I cautioned the caller not to expect any more than what the service has delivered for more than four decades; winning Top Picks that ranged on an average of 65 to 70 percent winners in a typical season.

Lifetime records show a return on investment of an expected range of 30 to 60 percent profits. That figure is routinely achieved when employing the Basic money management strategy available online. Higher gains are possible, some seasons have been both above and below the expected range.

“But you were 16-4 last year on your Top Picks, right?” the caller inquired for verification.

The next 20 minutes on the phone with this gentleman mostly landed on him wanting me to tell him he couldn’t lose, and me cautioning that it is an investment. A person that dedicates themselves to the work of managing their account, contributing the hour or so each week required to best operate the business while following the guidance of their selected money management strategy, is most likely to maximize gains.

“If I bet I have to win,” the caller pleaded with the tone of someone who was tired of losing.

I just didn’t have what this guy wanted.

I was offering an investment package that has been making money for clients since 1981. Qoxhi has never had a season where top picks lost more than they won. But to capitalize on the selections, one must properly manage the most important part of making money while wagering on point spreads; the amount wagered on each selection. A gambling tendency is to wager more when ahead and less when you are losing, both likely to end in bottom line losses. Following the account manager weeds out gambling tendencies, replace it with a well conceived method to capitalize on bright point spread plays.

The first requirement is to set an opening account balance. Many will put a number in here of what they would like to win, while the first requirement is to manage this account with money that has already been allocated to this National Football League season. On line, after selecting one of the five available strategies,the claimed opening account balance will dictate all future wager amounts. Keep your figures accurate to all pertinent information that affects final results, including point spreads and vig, the cost of the wager, best assures staying within the boundaries of success. The account manager defaults at 10% vig, while with the increased competition in the field, lower wager costs are often available. Money saved on vig, is money added to bottom line profits.

Clients opening accounts online only need to declare what their opening account balance is, but for those interested in really approaching this as a business, that declaration should be funded in a dedicated account. Operating costs taken from this account, and gains from point spread results added to the bottom line. This account serves two primary purposes, first; for those with unlimited capital it limits their tendency to wager more when ahead in quest of a killing; and provides an evenkeil for gamblers with limited resources that would otherwise vary their wager amounts in search of a winner. Both wagering patterns most often result in lost profits.

Operating from an established opening account balance takes a huge lure of gambling tendencies out of the equation.

When the selections are not based on trying to win money, but rather the quality of the selections based on the point spread value and substantial motivational advantages for one of the NFL teams, gains are likely to follow. Still, I was right, we haven’t matched the 16-4 record the year he first called, and thankfully signed up for the service. But over the past three seasons we have benefited from Top Pick season records of 13-7-1, 13-7 and 16-6.

My goal is to beat the 80% Top Pick winning mark, but my offer is a more business oriented plan that if you play by the rules, manage your money with the benefit of any of the five money management strategies available online, we have a real good chance of you earning a bottom line profit. Success is tied to both of us doing our job; Qoxhi delivering the picks and you managing your money. We’ll provide the account manager to assist you in doing your job.

Football fans are most welcome … but to best assure making money this season we need the investor in you to rule the day.