NFL 2024 Season - Off


Entertainment & Profit

There are features on my car that I don’t know about. I didn’t learn to utilize them when I bought the car, and haven’t taken the time since to fully appreciate what is available.

I suspect it is like that for people that use the Qoxhi Picks website too. They know how to get their picks, or read the features, but a lot of the vital information designed to improve the bottom line financially are skipped.

First and foremost is the Account Manager. This tool shifts positions on football point spreads from a chance proposition to one with collateral evidence backing its contention as a money maker. With a click on the selected teams, clients are prompted on what amount to wager to stay within their chosen money management strategy.

There are five money management strategies available on the Account Manager with varying degrees of risk versus reward equations greatly relying on the one game each week delivered as the Top Pick. The Basic Strategy is easiest to manage and recommended for first time clients. Wager amounts are solely based on the declared opening account balance and the money management number assigned the selection. Wager amounts remain consistent; a four rated game on opening day would have the same wager amount as a four rated game later in the season no matter what the current account balance.

The Aggressive strategies base wager amounts on the current account balance. Therefore, a four rated game on opening day would generate a $400 plus vig wager for a client that started with a $10,000 opening account balance. If that same client had their account balance raised to $15,000 later in the season, a four rated game would generate a wager amount of $600 plus the cost of the wager.

Top Pick Exclusive relies only on the designated top pick of the week. This strategy calls for a double the rating play on the Top Pick along with a moneyline play on the selection. During last year’s regular season, this strategy more than doubled an opening account balance.

When to wager on a game will add 7% to the bottom line in a typical season. The site offers you insight on the Point Spread Moves chart that shows the opening, day-by-day moves, current and projected closing line. If the projected closing line is expected to be more favorable to our choice closer to kickoff, a prompt on the front page with the pick will indicate whether to wager on the selection now or wait for a better line.

After the selections are posted, one can get a full report on the vital information on a single page by using the Game Day Sheet feature under the tools heading.

It is our sincere hope that every Qoxhi client finds all they are looking for to generate a successful National Football League season in terms of both entertainment and profit.