NFL 2023 Season - Week 13


by By Dennis Ranahan

One might think that a season in which we hit all our goals and exceeded projections in others would produce nothing but happy customers.

Not so.

One gentleman bought a one-week subscription after learning we were 6-0 on top picks. That week, the one he purchased, our top pick was the Detroit Lions getting points in Dallas. Early in the fourth quarter, the Lions had a first-and-goal from the one-yard-line to go ahead in the game, but fumbled, and the Cowboys maintained their 10-6 advantage. Dallas went on to score two late touchdowns to make the final score a much wider gap than the contest itself, 24-6.

Our unbeaten string of top picks was broken, and the rest of that Sunday went horribly wrong. Our other three picks lost, coming up on the short end with Jacksonville, San Francisco and the Los Angeles Chargers. Our only redemption that weekend was a Monday Night Football win with the Chicago Bears and points when they downed the New England Patriots, 33-14.

When one pays for four losses they are not happy. When it is their only real time experience with the service, one might think that all they heard about Qoxhi Picks was more bogus claims emerging from the cesspool sports handicapping often is. Nothing more than hype with a desire to separate you from your credit card number.

He called on Tuesday morning, mad as hell.

I took the incoming, recognizing the agony I had handed him a couple days earlier. When I did correct one thing, he kept saying we were oh and four, and I corrected the weekly result to be one and four.

“Well, I didn’t bet on Monday night because I was out of money from Sunday results,” the caller said in disgust that I would dare bring up games before or after his winless Sunday.

Truer words were never more eloquently spoken from a true gambler. He bought a week and ran out of money before it was over. Not exactly money management as recommended on the Qoxhi Picks site, but gambling 101.

He didn’t buy a second week, or perhaps even better, a season subscription after his only experience with my work came up a loser.

Of course, who would buy a service that just delivered them a bad week?

I’ll tell you who, a client that has been a satisfied customer that bought one week 18 years ago. I remember we were 0-3-1 the first Sunday he bought the service and I figured he would exit like the gentleman who went 0-4 on Week 7 of 2022.

He didn’t.

“Listen, I’ve read your stuff, followed you on the radio, and believe you have an edge unique in the industry. You had a bad day, they happen, let me purchase a full season right now,” he concluded in our first phone conversation.

One of these two men is a winner, the other is a gambler.