NFL 2019 Season - Off


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by Dennis Ranahan

Okay, we’ve had 15 weeks of National Football League play to figure this out, who is the most overrated team in the league?

I’m going to let you know that I know, so this is not a subjective answer, there is a right answer. Opinions aside, the most overrated team in the National Football League in 2018 is … are you ready for this?

The Minnesota Vikings.

Immediately, I can hear dissenting voices amongst my readers. So, I’ll give you a chance to state your case for any other team, but while you are contemplating reasons why the Atlanta Falcons, Jacksonville Jaguars, Philadelphia Eagles or Green Bay Bay Packers better fit the bill, let me explain the difference between overrated and underachieving.

The Falcons, who for the record I picked to win Super Bowl LIII, have had a horrible season. Instead of flying into the playoffs they are tied for last place in the NFC South Division with the Tampa Buccaneers, both teams with 5 wins and 9 losses.

The Jaguars went to the AFC Championship Game last season, and big things were expected this year, and they have missed the mark like a blind archer shooting an arrow with the target at his back. They certainly were overrated coming into the season, but their four wins and -64 on points scored and allowed, has never had anyone singing their praises during this campaign.

The Packers, perennial playoff participants, were hurt early in the season when Aaron Rodgers was injured in his team’s opening game against Chicago. Even though he pulled a rabbit out of the hat to win that one for Green Bay, Rodgers and the Packers were destined for a down season that cost Mike McCarthy his job.

The Eagles, by my charts, were never expected to do anything special this year. A narrow opening game home win over the Atlanta Falcons proved to not be a game against two of the NFL best, but rather a street fight between two also-rans.

No, not underachieving, I’m talking about overrated. And to be overrated, you still need to be highly thought of. For the record, this week the most overrated team in the NFL is favored on the road by more than a field goal against a division opponent that they beat by two touchdowns in their first meeting.

An overrated team in this spot hasn’t got a chance.

But, the public is flocking to them like ducklings following their mother across a crowded freeway.

Nearly 70% of the wagers on their game this week is backing the most overrated team in the league, and they are on the road laying points!

Their opponent this week, the Detroit Lions, are one of the most underrated teams in the league. Detroit is not good enough to win in a tough motivational spot, like being favored by a touchdown in their opener against the New York Jets or meeting Minnesota on the road after Mike Zimmer’s team had just suffered a stinging home loss against the New Orleans Saints. But, Detroit is good enough to win in situations that favor their chances. Evidence for the Lions roaring in these spots include home wins over the New England Patriots and Green Bay Packers.

Do you see why knowing who is overrated, more than underachieving, is important? Underachieving is yesterday’s news, but knowing who is overrated and finding them in a most likely spot to fail again, is a cash call with promise.

Qoxhi Picks: Detroit Lions (+5½) over Minnesota Vikings