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Lets Go Together
by Dennis Ranahan

Last week, the Dallas Cowboys overcame a very tough motivational spot against the defending Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles. With a chance to move two games ahead of the Eagles with a win, one that would follow four straight Dallas triumphs that began with a victory in Philadelphia, the motivational edges bent the Eagles way. But, from a season-to-season perspective and talent on the field, the Cowboys had just enough of an edge to earn an overtime win that also covered the point spread

Whew, is what the Cowboys were feeling after downing their division rivals for a second time this season.

Now, Dallas moves off that win to hit the road and an encounter with the Andrew Luck led Indianapolis Colts. Luck and his team got off to a rocky start this season, losing five of their first six games. Then, like Luck is apt to do, the talented quarterback guided his squad to wins in six of their most recent seven games, leaving them with a winning 7 and 6 won/lost record and solid prospects of earning a Wild Card postseason berth if they continue to win.

In other words, the home team is in need of this game to avoid falling out of the hunt for a playoff berth, and the Cowboys come to town off one of their most satisfying wins of the season which nearly assures them of a postseason date.

Could this be any better of a set up for the Colts?

Dallas supporters will argue that the Cowboys have all the tickets to a be a big winner this year with the addition of Amari Cooper. Dallas dropped the first game they played with Cooper after he was acquired at the trade deadline from the Oakland Raiders, but Cooper has been a major contributor to the five straight wins that has lifted Dallas to the top of the NFC East standings.

From a pure football perspective, the argument for Dallas is plausible.

But, from a motivational angle, this game is as lopsided as the San Francisco Bay Bridge after the 1989 earthquake.

The Cowboys couldn’t be in a softer spot, and their recent success is driving the Colts need to excel to succeed. While the man on the street would think Dallas had the edge here, the bookmakers have installed the Colts a three point favorite. Dallas backers rode up to the windows in Vegas and plunked their cash down on the Cowboys in big numbers, nearly two of ever three wagers are backing the road underdogs.

If the books agreed with the public action, they would be moving this spread down to capture some Colts cash. But, they are not, despite the heavy action on Dallas, the line on this game is remaining suspiciously high.

Do you think the books know more than the public?

That would be a good supposition.

Now you can agree with my motivational edges in this game and the books, or take a flyer with the public.

I think you know where this is going.

Qoxhi Picks: Indianapolis Colts (-3) over Dallas Cowboys