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Quarterback Returns
by Dennis Ranahan

The last Sunday in November finds mild weather conditions at all nine outdoor NFL venues.

Today, we will release out first Premium Top Pick of the season. While many services will use big plays for promotional considerations, our Premium Top Picks are solely based on the strength of the selection. When I first started releasing weekly Top Picks to clients in 1977, I had one game a season that we tabbed as the Top Pick of the Year.

There were seasons when an outstanding point spread play would present itself as early as the sixth week of the season, but with only one Top Pick of the Year I usually saved that designation for a game later in the year that I thought would even be stronger. To allow us to distinguish games with special circumstances throughout the entire season, we introduced the format of having four plays that ranked highest for wagering purposes. Those Premium Top Picks have money management numbers of 7, 8, 9 and 10.

Today, we have our eight rated game. Most often in a season we will win all four of these games or three out of four. Last year, was one of those three out of four season’s, when our first three Premium Plays hit, including our ten rated Top Pick of the Year, before we got clipped on the nine rated game by one-and-one-half point in the playoffs. Taking the Jacksonville Jaguars (-8½) in a game they won by 7 points, 10-3, over the Buffalo Bills.

The Miami Dolphins return Ryan Tannehill to their lineup today when they visit Indianapolis to battle the suddenly formidable Colts. Behind Andrew Luck, the Colts have won four consecutive games to even their record at five wins and five losses and kindle some outside postseason possibility. They come into action today trailing the Houston Texans by two games in the AFC South Division, and the Texans have a tough challenge on Monday night when they host the Tennessee Titans, who also come into action this week with five wins and five losses.

Miami has also won five and lost five games this season, but the Dolphins success was early in the season when they opened with three victories. That success was gained with Tannehill at quarterback, and he seemed more comfortable in the Dolphins offense this year after missing last season with an injury suffered during the preseason.

Tannehill’s development at quarterback has been slow but steady. He only played one year at quarterback in college, and that inexperience has been a liability early in his professional career. Today, he gets a shot at a Colts defense that remains undermanned.

The public has checked in with their favorite plays of the week. In order of wagering volume the public is backing the New England Patriots (-12) over the New York Jets, Pittsburgh Steelers (-3) over the Denver Broncos and Cincinnati Bengals (-1) over the Cleveland Browns.

The Qoxhi selections are now posted on this site, including our eight rated Premium Top Pick. If a Bullet Play develops in the final hour leading to the day’s first kickoff, that selection will be added to the list of recommendations at 9:45 a.m. Pacific Time.