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Making Good on Bad
by Dennis Ranahan

The San Francisco 49ers are favored tonight as the National Football League completes Week Ten regular season action. In their last game, at home against the Oakland Raiders, the 49ers were underdogs.

Betting on the 49ers this season when they are favored on the point spread is like dropping cash in a mailbox and thinking it is going to be credited to your bank account. The 49ers have been favored three times this season and haven’t covered the point spread in any of the games. In second week action, at home against the Detroit Lions and a week before starting quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo was injured, the Niners won the game but lost the point spread decision.

They have been favored twice over the Arizona Cardinals, both games played after the season ending injury suffered by Garoppolo, and lost at home and on the road in contests that represent the only two straight-up wins Arizona has collected this season. San Francisco would have been favored on the point spread a week ago Thursday when they hosted the Raiders. But when it was announced that backup quarterback C.J. Beathard was out and would be replaced by untested rookie Nick Mullens, the bettors swarmed the books like locust to get down on the Raiders.

That didn’t work.

The newly installed underdog 49ers sliced, diced and mutilated Oakland while Mullens did his best impression of Johnny Unitas, leading the 49ers to a romp win, 34-3.

Tonight, the 49ers are favored again, and Mullens will get his second NFL start.

Do you expect a repeat performance from the undrafted quarterback out of Southern Mississippi?

I don’t.

In his first start, Mullens picked up a motivational boost against a team that has quit on their coach. Tonight, unless he is playing a really bad football team, he is in trouble.

Which brings us to the Niners opponent tonight, the New York Giants, who do qualify as a really bad team. In his first year as head coach of the Giants, Pat Shurmur has had more problems than a naked beekeeper.

Coming into the season with three highly regarded offensive weapons; two-time Super Bowl winning quarterback Eli Manning, star wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. and rookie runner Saquon Barkley, New York was supposed to be a surprise this season.

They do qualify as a surprise, but it has not been based on success but rather their woes.

In his fourteen years as the Giants starting quarterback, Manning has only suffered four losing campaigns. But, the problem with that, is they all have occurred during the past five seasons and he is headed to another losing year in 2018. The Giants and Raiders are the only two teams in the league with less wins than the 49ers. San Francisco has two victories this year, the Giants and Raiders only one.

So, do you want a bad team on the road or a bad team at home?

Really, that is not how best to frame this game.

Here is what we can rely on, do you want a bad team off a romp win or a bad team with points looking to end a five game losing streak?

You think there is nothing to choose from between two bad teams? Not so, a bad team in a great spot to pick up a win with points on the spread equals what we are always looking for … a good bet.

Qoxhi Picks: New York Giants (+3½) over San Francisco 49ers