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Top Teams Battle
by Dennis Ranahan

The last Sunday in October has seen a change in the weather across the NFL stadium landscape. Temperatures are down in the 50’s at most sites and rain is expected in Pittsburgh, where the Steelers host the Cleveland Browns; Chicago, where the Bears host the New York Jets; and Cincinnati, where the Bengals host the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The warmest temperature at a game site today is in Los Angeles, where sunny skies and 82 degree weather will be present for the Rams game against the Green Bay Packers.

Four weeks ago the New England Patriots could have fallen three games back of the Miami Dolphins when they met their AFC East Division rivals. Instead, the Patriots blew out Miami, 38-7, to cut the Dolphins lead to one game and now the Patriots are back alone atop their division race with five wins in seven decisions.

When a good team is challenged by negative standings, they are prime for big efforts. The Minnesota Vikings were also in that position a few weeks ago when they fell to the bottom of the NFC North Division standings. Now, after three straight wins over the Philadelphia Eagles, Arizona Cardinals and New York Jets, Minnesota has climbed back to the top spot in their division.

Tonight, they host another division leader, the New Orleans Saints, who lost their opener and needed late heroics to edge the Cleveland Browns in second week action. But, that win over Cleveland was the first of five straight New Orleans victories and they now sit a game up on the Carolina Panthers in the NFC South standings.

In a battle between two first place teams with Super Bowl caliber talent the Vikings host the Saints tonight. Sometimes, the best way to figure a game is to appraise what their records would be in the event one team or the other won in a head-to-head matchup. If the Saints were to win tonight they would elevate their record to 6-1 and drop the Vikings to 4-3-1. It is more likely, given the talent on both these teams, that the standings after this game will find the Saints at 5-2 and the Vikings at 5-2-1.

That is one of the reasons the Vikings are one of our Sunday selections.

As for the public, they have landed on the Washington Redskins (-1) over the New York Giants as their most bet game of the week. We couldn’t disagree more, and have isolated the Giants (+1) as our Week Eight Top Pick of the Week.

The next two most bet games by the public were this morning’s contest between the Philadelphia Eagles and Jacksonville Jaguars. The public likes the Eagles (-4) as their second choice and their third most popular play is the Chicago Bears (-9½) over the New York Jets.

As for the Qoxhi Picks money rated games, they are now posted on this site and if a Bullet Play develops in the final hour leading up to the 10:00 a.m. Pacific Time kickoffs, that game will be added to the list of recommendations at 9:45 a.m.