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Money Maker
by Dennis Ranahan

Tonight the National Football League kicks off their 99th season. I have been involved in the league for 45 years, beginning with my first job out of college, a 1973 summer internship that turned into a full time front office position with the Oakland Raiders.

In 1977, I moved from an NFL front office to offer clients my unique perspective on how to beat the point spread while relying more on motivational factors than pure talent numbers. When a good team is ready to hit a snag, and they square off against a squad focused off recent defeats and preparing as if all they could do might not be enough, a mismatch occurs on the motivational scale.

One team soaring off recent wins and headed to a down game meeting a squad geared for the game of their season. It happens, in some seasons more than a dozen times. When it does appear we deliver that side to our clients, confident we are guiding them to point spread profits.

To best assure season long bottom line gains, the online easy to use Money Manager allows a client to know exactly what to wager on each selection based on their opening account balance and selected Money Manager strategy. There are five to choose from, each offering a bright financial method with varying degrees of risk versus return ratios.

The Basic strategy is the easiest to manage and has the lowest risk factor. Wager amounts are based solely on the declared opening account balance and game rating. A four-rated selection in September would dictate a wager amount of 4% of the opening account balance plus the vig. With the Basic strategy, a four-rated game in September would generate the same wager amount as a four rated game in December even if the account balance was double the opening amount.

Three more aggressive money management methods base wager amounts on the current balance. If in December the account balance was twice the opening amount then a wager would be double what it was on the opening weekend. The fifth strategy is to focus every dollar wagered on the single best pick of the week, the designated Top Pick. That single weekly selection is capitalized with a wager on both the moneyline and point spread.

The right teams win. We don’t have to root for them to do anything other than what the factors indicate, and that happens most of the time. The teams will do what they are supposed to do, my job is simply to call them in advance. There is no guess work in what I do, there is just work needed to be done to illuminate what games offer the best value.

In a typical season, clients can expect to end a season with profit margins of 30 to 60 percent while utilizing the Basic strategy. Higher returns can be realized by using any of the four more aggressive money management game plans.

This season, the Chicago Bears and Baltimore Ravens open the season in the annual Hall of Fame Game. Next week, beginning on Thursday, all 32 NFL teams will be in action.

While tonight's contest in Canton does not offer a wagering advantage, preseason contests can offer great opportunities based on criteria different than what we use during the regular season or playoffs. Last year, the preseason produced an 8-1-1 point spread mark.